Topless - Bottle Opener


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  • Opens in one swift movement
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Magnetic cap catcher

Made for the lover of craft beer, regular beer, mixers or any capped bottle.  This is the only bottle opener you'll ever need.  Place the Topless bottle opener over your capped bottle, push down and remove.  Your drink is ready - It's that easy!

Great for entertaining, keep one on the boat, keep one in the caravan, take one camping & don't forget to take it to your picnic.  It's the best little opener you'll ever own.   Makes a great man gift. 


Product Features:
- Dimensions:  7.5 cm(h) x 5.5cm(d)
- Outer body made from stainless steel
- Magnetic cap catcher
- Fits all standard bottles
- Single push action
- Light weight and durable
- Colour: Silver