Reusable Coffee Cup - The Caffe Cup


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  • Designed and Made in Australia
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • Reusable Coffee Cup


Like your coffee to go?  This reusable coffee cup is a fabulous alternative to disposable cups.  Designed and made in Australia with both function and beauty in mind.   The unique butterfly lid clicks open to allow the coffee to flow freely as if you were drinking from a regular cup; click it closed and its leak proof.  Appreciate the full flavour of your coffee - the Caffe cup has a triple wall construction to keep your coffee hot for longer, and there's no absorbent materials used, the seals are bonded so there is no traps for yucky build up.  Snaps apart for easy cleaning.  Stable with a low centre of gravity, it's shorter than your regular travel mug so it easily fits the espresso machine in your favourite coffee shop.  The Caffe Cup's robustness and stability also make it perfect for marine and outdoor use.  Available in four great colours.

Product  Features:

- Dishwasher safe
- Microwave safe - so you can reheat your coffee
- Non-slip base
- Designed to function as if you were drinking from a  cup - the coffee flows freely from the wide opening, no more sipping through a nasty hole
- Made from BPA Free Sorona and lined with BPA free Tritan - your coffee will stay hot for as twice as long as a regular cup of coffee
- Holds 300mls, the same as your regular sized coffee mug.
- It can replace 1000's of disposable cups (depending on how much coffee you like).  Make a positive impact on our environment
- Made in Australia