Good Riddance Rescue Balm


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  • Soothes insect bites, cuts, scrapes and other skin irritations
  • Contains Vitamin E to promote skin repair
  • Safe to use as a spot treatment on all skin types

Been bitten? - Don't despair!  This all natural bite relief stick, gives instant relief to insect bites, will stop the itch and promote healing.  Contains a strong blend of anti-bacterial essential oils known for relieving pain, itch and inflammation and promote healing. A handy first aid stick; can also be used to heal cuts, scrapes, burns, blisters etc.  Keep one in your picnic basket, take it camping, carry in your handbag so you can stop the itch wherever you are. Safe for use on babies and pregnant women.  Australian Made.

Product Features:

- Convenient to use and carry bite relief stick, which stops the itch.
- 5gm Tube
- Contains Clove Oil, which numbs the bite and stops the itch
- Contains Lavender and Tea tree essential oils, a natural antiseptic to assist healing
- Contains Rosemary essential oil, which helps to reduce irritation 
- Contains Vitamin E to speed healing
- Made in Australia