Galvanised Metal Drinks Tub


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Make entertaining easy with these Galvanised Metal Drinks tubs.  

Planning a party?  These Galvanised metal drinks tubs will help make your life easy.  No more running back and forth to the fridge.  Fill your tub up with ice and set it up outside where your guests can help themselves.  Comes in three different sizes so you can be ready for whatever event comes your way this summer.  They stack neatly one inside the other for convenient storage.

The Galvanised Metal Drinks Tubs are lightweight and tough.  Take them with you to the family gathering at the park, or on your next camping trip!


Product Features:

- Dimensions:
Small - 18cm (H) x 40cm (L) x 28.5cm (W) SOLD OUT
Med - 19cm (H) x 44cm (L) x 32cm (W)
Large - 22cm (H) x 49cm (L) x 34cm (W) SOLD OUT
- Handles on either side for easy carrying
- Decorative detail
- Rustic look
- Material:  Galvanised metal
- Colour: Silver