Good Riddance Tropical Insect Repellent - 250ml


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  • Provides long lasting protection - DEET Free
  • Clinically proven, APVMA Registered
  • Safe for use on children over 2 years

Now the entire family can be protected from bites while you're outside with this larger sized pump bottle!  This wonderful tropical strength product is designed to provide long-lasting, tropical strength protection against mosquitos, midgies and sandflies, so you can enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive.  Completely DEET free and trialled by the fishermen in the Top End and tested in the toughest insect-infested conditions.  

This Australian made cream holds essential oils on the skin for longer than a spray, reducing the need for reapplication.  It has a light moisturising feel on the skin and a lovely scent; it's fresh with a vibrant citrus aroma, a woody undertone and notes of Australian Natives.  

Containing 100% pure essential oil actives, and completely DEET Free, this is a very different product to others on the market and it's clinically proven to work!  Take this pump bottle with you everywhere, the lid locks to ensure spill free travel.  Also available in a smaller 100ml pump.

 Product Features:

- Repels mosquitos, midgies and sandflies for at least 90 mins
- Contains Lemongrass, Lemon scented Tea Tree & Citronella 
- DEET Free and contains 100% pure essential oil actives
- Developed in Darwin, Tested in Kakadu 
- Suitable for children 2 years and over 
- 250ml Pump locks into place for easy travelling